Australian Made Mattresses

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Australian made mattress

We get it. You want a mattress that is Australian made, and there’s plenty of benefits what come with it like the greater transparency on the construction and materials, higher quality materials, Australian chemical checks. Also, it helps provide more jobs to Australians.

There are various Australian made mattresses on the market but sometimes it can be deceiving to find them with companies saying designed in Australia, appearing to be Australian made but looking at the small print it says made in China. 

Choosing a mattress can sometimes be a challenging experience, especially when you’re trying to filter the noise. So, we made this guide to cut through the marketing jargon and quickly find a bed in a box that’s Australian made. 

How we made our choices

We went through the Australian bed market, finding all the mattress in a box brands. Then we looked through all the marketing material and history and made a list of the Australian made mattress, we then placed them into separate categories to make your choice easier. When purchasing a new bed make sure you check it fits your room, we have made a helpful Australian bed sizes guide also for this purpose.

When we review the mattress brands we always look at real customer reviews, independent reviews, manufacture details, and drill down into the facts, price, trial period, features, materials, sleep quality, and much more.

Right, let’s jump into the top picks.

Koala mattress reviews Sleepys Express

You can’t get more Australian then the Koala mattress, the bed was originally created by two Bryon bay locals Mitch and Danny and they still make the bed in Aus.

Koala is also a partner of WWF, helping the ongoing habitat loss for koalas and preventing the extinction of the green turtles. So every time you buy a Koala mattress you are also helping the Australian wildlife.

Moving on to the bed itself, the Koala is a dual foam layer bed with a specially designed ‘Kloudcell’ foam top, which is made to be very breathable and embracing. Then the bottom layer that’s firmer to add support and durability to the bed. Overall, this gives the bed a medium firmness bed that many Australians love.

Hugo is an all-foam 4 layers mattress, the top layer is a natural latex which gives a nice bounce to the bed, as a bonus latex is naturally hypoallergenic which means it’s great for stopping allergies and dust mites.

The other layers are memory foam, transition foam, high-density foam. This makes the Hugo not to firm and not too soft with great motion isolation from the memory foams but retaining a bounce from the top latex comfort layer.

Hugo has same-day delivery in the Melbourne metro area and very quick delivery to the rest of Australia.

Sommuto is a multi-layered foam mattress that uses hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly materials. The top comfort layer MEMair Breeze™ has all the benefits of memory foam but with the addition of the ultra breathability design which negates all the drawback of memory foam getting too hot.

The Sommuto mattress is owned, created, and manufactured exclusively in Australia.


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