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Finding the best mattress in a box in Australia that is perfect is a hard choice, so we made this list to make it easier. You spend about a third of your day on a mattress, so finding the right bounce, firmness, and overall comfort is essential. Online mattress in a box companies are all fighting for your attention, that’s why we cut through the mattress marketing jargon and deliver unbiased real customer reviews and facts.

Ordering a mattress online can be a daunting process with questions like “what if I don’t like the mattress?” That’s why bed in a box brands make purchasing hassle-free, with many brands offering free shipping and generous trial periods (around 100 days), and great return policies.

You’re spoilt for choice with great mattress in a box companies in Australia. But let’s find the perfect mattress for you.

What is a mattress in a box?

A “mattress in a box” is when machines compress a mattress into a box. This makes the mattress easy to move and manoeuvre when purchased. This concept is relatively new only been introduced to Australia around 6 years ago, since then most companies are now using this technology. You will find a lot of memory foam mattresses with a few exceptions including micro-springs and even pocket springs.

Best Boxed Mattress Australia


Price (Queen)


Free Delivery

Trail Nights


Noa-Sleep mattress logo

$1099  $749

15 years 



Ergoflex mattress logo

$1449  $1014

10 years 



Macoda mattress logo

$1100  $900

10 years 



Koala mattress

10 years 




10 years 



624 Mattress

$1199  $899

10 years 



Hugo Mattress

$995  $930

10 years 



Sleeping Duck


10 years 



happysleep australia logo


10 years 



onebed mattress


15 years 



Ecosa mattress

$1099  $899

15 years 



Eva mattress


12 years 



sommuto mattress logo


10 years 



Noa mattress deal

Noa is an affordable hybrid mattress that has excellent support. This bed is perfect for Australians who want the combination of springs and foam in their bed. Overall, the bed feel is medium-firm that a lot of sleepers prefer and Noa offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

The price is incredible for the mattress you are getting; it’s even cheaper than most foam mattress with the current deal that’s why we put it as the best value, however they haven’t cut any corners when it comes to the quality of the bed. You still get all the perks of a mattress in a box with the added bonus of spings, free shipping, and an excellent risk-free trial policy.

Noa was initially developed in Canada and expanded across Asia and now to Australia.

Ergoflex mattress review sleepys express 2

The Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress is the original mattress in a box company. They use premium quality foams providing excellent support and have stud the test of time.

Ergoflex has the highest reviews out of all the mattress in a box companies in Australia with most of them being 5 star (over 3,000).

It’s excellent for back pain with orthopaedic pressure relief and uses hospital-grade materials.

Macoda Mattress Review

Honestly, we love the Macoda mattress. The brands not as popular (yet) as the other bed in a box companies but the features and excellent reviews make it a great bed to consider when looking for a new mattress.

Macoda has won Australia’ s “Best Comfort” Mattress in a Box two years in a row and here’s why, their hybrid design has advanced foams and pocket springs to give it support and bounce. The layers are interchangeable to fit your sleeping style, offering a medium (5/10) to a medium-firm feel (6.5/10).

Two Australians made the Macoda in 2018, and they made it too high standards with all our polyurethane foams being Certi-PUR-US certified, and the other materials used being to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The bed also has Australians climate in mind with advanced cooling gel inserts.

Koala mattress reviews Sleepys Express

It’s hard to look for a mattress in Australia and not find the Koala mattress. The Koala has a dual foam layer construction which includes Koala’s ‘Kloudcell’ foam (made to be breathable) and support foam.

The mattress is eco-friendly and partners with the WWF and donates a percentage of every mattress to koala preservation. Overall, the mattress has a medium feel with a bounce.

Emma Original mattress review Sleepys express

Emma mattresses have won 29 awards, and you’ll find them in 20 different countries with over 400,000 people sleeping on them. The three-foam structure made from responsive foam, memory foam, and high-density polyfoam gives a medium-firm feel 6/10 great for side sleepers and people who love a foam mattress.

If you’ve got babies or toddlers, the Emma mattress is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – Class 1 certified on all of its layers – meaning it’s eco friendly and free from harmful substances.

The bed is relatively new to Australian shores. Still, Emma has more than proven it’s self in Europe and we’re excited to see the bed come to Australia if you’re looking for a new mattress then definitely consider Emma.

624 mattress deal

Are you looking for the best value for money? Then the 624 mattress ticks a lot of boxes and with $300 off the RRP its a bargain. They also offer free sheets and pillows. The 624 mattress has adjustable firmness that lets you change the firmness to get the comfort just how you like it.

624 Australia offers a greatly extended trial period and long warranty with fast, free delivery. This mattress is excellent for people wanting a featured-packed mattress with adjustable firmness and low pricing.

Hugo mattress deal

The Hugo mattress has excellent support and comfort without feeling ‘too-firm’ with a design that is excellent for all body types and sleeping positions. Hugo offers 4 layers of foam instead of the traditional 3 layers most mattress offer.

Hugo is made in Australia and offers same-day delivery to some locations. If you want slightly higher quality than a regular 3 layer mattress, then Hugo is for you.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review Sleepys Express 2

One of the most expensive mattresses on the market because of the high-quality materials used. Sleeping Duck has six layers and two different comfort levels available medium and firm. You can also adjust the foam layers for the personalised perfect night’s sleep.

Sleeping Duck was recently awarded the top mattress in independent testing by CHOICE. If money isn’t an option, then Sleeping Duck is one of the best mattresses on the market. We think the price is worth the great nights sleep you’ll have on this bed.

Happy Sleep mattress

HappySleep Mattress Review

HappySleep has superb spinal support with the combined layers of aerated natural latex, memory foam, and high-density support foam. This mix gives the mattress a medium-firm feel 7/10 and offers minimal partner disturbance.

They also offer next day delivery to people in the Melbourne metro area and fast shipping across Australia. The bed is excellent value with the present deal of $300 off. Also, there’s a 10-year warranty and a 100-night harmless test period.

onebed mattress review sleepys express

Onebed is an all-foam mattress with extra spring than most mattresses. The top latex layer gives the bounce combing with the other layers to provide spinal support and give you an embrace. With the queen mattress costing $1050 its still competitive with the other brands.

Onebed has a no-strings-attached return and refund policy with 125 night trial period.

Ecosa mattress review sleepys express

The Ecosa mattress design is customisable to fit different sleeping styles. The versatility of the mattress lets you change between three different firmness options – medium, medium-firm, and firm.

Making the mattress perfect for fussy sleepers, there is an inner cover of tightly woven microfilaments to protect it against accidental spills and dust mites.

Eva mattress reviews Sleepys Express

Eva is a hybrid mattress combining springs, latex, gel, and high-density foams. The Eva mattress is thicker than most brands, and the extra cushion and pressure relief is fantastic. This mattress is a great over mattress…

…In fact it won ‘Best Overall’ Mattress in Box for 2019. Eva is ideal for people who want the contour of foam, but enjoy the bounce of coil designs.

Summing it up, Eva is a great ‘all-rounder’ and offers superb value for money.

Eva has a no-strings-attached return and refund policy with 120 night trial period.

Sommuto mattress review Sleepys express

he Sommuto mattress is Australian made with high-quality materials providing support will embracing your bodies curves. The gel-infused memory foam, comfort foam, and high-density foam gives a balanced, supportive feel. The combination also allows airflow to come through the mattress, helping you to stop from overheating.

How To Choose a Mattress In A Box

How do you like to sleep? On a Soft, medium, or firm mattress this will help you make a decision easier. If you’re not sure, there are plenty of mattresses that offer adjustable layers and long trial periods to help you.

Most people prefer a medium feel, but generally, if you sleep on your front, you will like a softer mattress, and if you sleep on your back, you will like a firmer mattress.

Mattress Budget Tips

1. Price isn’t always an indicator of quality. (High or Low)
2. $900 is ideal for a high-quality mattress and a wide variety of options to fit your sleeping style.
3. Choosing a bigger bed will mean a bigger budget. The price doesn’t leap up with each size. Nevertheless, the extra material from a single to a king is double so different sizes will be different prices.
4. Don’t go very cheap, spending less than $500 for a queen-sized bed doesn’t mean the bed is terrible and the price isn’t always the perfect indicator of quality, however it does give a signal.

The mattress could have higher toxicity of chemicals, lower-quality materials, and lower durability.

Remember mattresses should last 8-10 years so if your new bed costs $1000 over 10 years that’s $0.27 a day. Don’t cut corners on your mattress! Your sleep and health are worth more than 27 cents a day.

Memory Foam vs Pocket Spring Boxed Mattress

One of the main choices when purchasing a new mattress come to memory foam vs spring mattress. Which is a personal preference all the mattress have unique features, and some don’t fit the general pattern.

Memory foam mattress tends to be lighter and softer than spring mattress plus they mould to your body more.

Spring mattress are firmer have more bounce and are heavier than the new all foam mattress. If you like a higher bed with extra support, then a spring mattress could be a better choice.


Checking customer feedback and real mattress in a box reviews can help you get a great idea of what people think about the mattress. It’s a great way to get unbiased reviews on brands you consider purchasing from.

Mattress for back pain

Most people change their mattress if back pain occurs. If you have back pain with a pocket spring mattress, then a memory foam mattress might help alleviate those issues. And the same goes if you have a memory foam mattress, then a pocket spring mattress might help.

See a doctor first, then maybe try going for a bed that’s designed by orthopaedics to help fix or minimise the problems.


If you have allergies and its a common problem changing your mattress can fix the issue while your sleeping. Your bed can store bacteria and common allergic reaction germs so picking a mattress that has natural defences against these problems can help you sleep better.

Natural latex can prevent the build-up of these problems and fight against them, helping you sleep better. Bamboo is also another natural material that resists allergies.

How to choose a mattress in a box infographic


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