Best Pillow In Australia

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Having the perfect pillow can bring your comfort levels up dramatically, just like a mattress topper does for a bed. You might be thinking why we have a guide on pillows? Surly, a pillow is just a pillow. I thought this till I got a new one and boy was I wrong. It helps to fall asleep faster, no more getting too hot and having to turn it over in the night, and many other benefits of splashing out a pillow. 

We made this guide to fit most Australians reading this guide and give a wide variety of options, so you can find a pillow if it’s for your air mattress, if you want it for napping on your sofa, or if you’re having neck pain and want the best orthopaedic pillow.

Our pillow guide goes through different types of pillows to find the best pillow for your sleeping preference. Do you hate pillows that sink your head to the mattress and want a firmer pillow? Or do you have neck pain and want the best orthopaedic pillow? Then keep reading and find the best pillow in Australia for you.

How we make our choices

We find real customers and look through reviews on what they think of their pillows. We also look through independent studies and comparisons to get a deeper understanding of why the pillows are great. Because not everyone is the same goes for what sleepers prefer when choosing a pillow…

… That’s why we split up our choices into categories and looked into customer satisfaction, durability, value for money, firmness, and much more.

Australia's best pillows

  • Best memory foam pillow (Macoda)
  • Best for summer and allergies (Downtime)
  • Best pillow for neck pain (Save Soft)
  • Best latex pillow (MiniJumbuk)

Macoda Pillow (best memory foam pillow)

The Macoda pillow focuses on a balance of support and comfort. It’s a custom-designed memory foam pillow with an open cell structure for increased airflow and heat reduction.

Macoda didn’t just drill holes into the memory foam pillow and call it a day; the surface has a unique cooling gel glaze. The memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal, by doing this, the pillow absorbs moisture, diffuses heat and also neutralises odour.

Encasing the Macoda Pillow is a bamboo cover. The benefits of Bamboo other than being one of the best choices for the environment, bamboo fabric is astonishingly soft, silky and luxurious.

Downtime Bamboo Pillow (best for summer nights and allergies)

Downtime bamboo pillow has a polyester core surrounded by bamboo. This combination gives excellent comfort and is very breathable. The downtime bamboo fibres are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable, and helps naturally regulate temperature.

This pillow is excellent all year round, especially for summer nights, and allergy suffers. As a bonus, it comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Save Soft : Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Are you waking up with back pain, neck pain, frequent headaches? Then make sure you see a doctor. However, this a chiropractic pillow and from customer reviews has been known to stop neck aches and pains. A lot of pillows have as much support as a paper towel, they go flat fast. The Save&Soft cervical pillow stays firm and comfortable for months.

The Save and Soft pillow is made from memory foam with cooling gel to keep it breathable and avoid leaving you with a sweaty face in the night.

The cover is bamboo which is infused with soothing Aloe Vera giving excellent natural anti-bacterial properties and cooling properties. 

MiniJumbuk (best latex pillow)

MiniJumbuk has a latex core which lets your head sink into the pillow while still being able to bounce back into shape. It’s available in a low or high profile to suit your sleeping needs.

The cover around the latex is natural wool that is designed to keep your face dry and comfortable while you sleep soundly. The wool is breathable and is great for warm nights.


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