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The Noa mattress review_

In our Noa mattress review, we cover the affordable hybrid mattress that has excellent support. This mattress is ideal for sleepers who like the combination of springs and foam offering medium-firm support. The Noa bed was initially developed in Canada and has expanded across Asia and Australia. Noa Home offer all the perks of a mattress in a box, like free shipping, a great risk-free trial policy, and much more.

What other people say – 4.6/5 from 1457 reviews

Inside Our Review

In our Noa mattress review, you’ll get a true feeling if the Noa mattress is right for you. You’ll find information from genuine customers going over the sleep quality, materials, facts, price, and more. We do our best to get a range of customer opinions and give unbiased data to you. After reading the review, you’ll get now if the Noa mattress is right for you.

Partner Disturbance
Value For Money
Trial Length
Customer Satisfaction


  • 5 layer support
  • Free delivery
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • 100-night free trial period
  • Hybrid design 


  • Heavy design
  • If you prefer a super soft mattress then this isn’t for you

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Noa Mattress Review
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My mattress has been so comfortable. I have always been a restless sleeper and I would disturb my partner. Now I sleep more deeply, and our movements don't bounce each other.

Table of Contents

What's the Noa mattress made from?

The Noa mattress is made up of five layers of high-quality materials such as latex, gel-infused memory foam, pocket springs, and foam. The difference from other mattress in a box companies compared to Noa is the order of the layers and the materials used.


OEKO-TEX® latex –  The natural latex top layer is environmentally friendly, cooling, responsive and provides a gentle bounce. The natural latex is free from free of heavy metals, pesticides, and chlorinated phenols. The benefit of this makes it unlikely to cause allergic reactions.

Gel infused memory foam – The secondary layer provides pressure relief and makes sure you don’t sleep to warm because of the gel-infusion, which prevents heat build-up. This layer is REACH certified, which is a European certification that guarantees chemicals and materials are used safely.

Foam – There’s, a layer of transition foam, to further respond to the sleeper’s movements and add an extra cushion before the pocket spring support.

Pocket springs – pocket springs are smaller than traditional spring coils providing targeted support and are not as big as conventional spring coils. The coils are individually wrapped to reduce noise and motion transfer.

Foam – Underneath it all is another layer of foam to cushion all the layers above and absorb further motion.

noa mattress materials

TENCEL® Cover – The cover is made from wood cellulose that’s breathable, naturally silky, wicks away moisture, and is a naturally anti-dust mite. The side panels use a firmer fabric, making it easier to move around and less prone to tear.

What's the Noa like to sleep on?

A lot of Aussies seem to find an issue with buying a new mattress. One of them being the time breaking in the new mattress can change the support and feel of the bed. But we found with the Noa it kept the same medium firm mattress throughout the 100 nights trial period and beyond. With the Noa, you get a nice pressure relief from any sleeping position thanks to the natural latex foam and memory foam layer, with the added bonus of some bounce, thanks to the individual pocket springs.

Honestly, the mattress is excellent for most sleepers; if you are a back sleeper, the pocket springs give some strength to foam layers which you will genuinely love. Side sleepers tend to get the most out of the bed because of the medium firmness and the combination of support and softness, letting the body relax your self to sleep without sinking too deep.

Edge support – Noa has excellent edge support and outshines its all-foam competitors. This is because of the pocket springs and latex that makes the surface of the bed spring back faster.

Partner disturbance – Generally, better edge support means extra partner disturbance. However, Noa counteracts this problem by using a memory foam layer underneath the latex. The foam helps transfer movement throughout the mattress, and to give you some context. You will find the Noa to be a significant upgrade in the partner distance rating compared to a traditional spring bed. This is because of the design, and the pocket spring coils are individually wrapped to reduce vibrations.

Firmness – Not every mattress is right for everybody, and you tend to get blanket statements like not too soft, and not too firm. What does that even mean? Jokes aside most mattresses stick to the middle ground because it’s what most people are used to and like. With the Noa, you do get a medium feel. Because of the quality materials used, you will find it incredibly comfortable, with a supportive embrace of the natural latex and memory foam and a gentle push back from the support layer of the springs.

Noa mattress thickness and weight

Noa is heavier than a traditional all-foam mattress in a box weighing in at 50 kg for a queen-sized bed. The extra weight comes from the quality of the materials and pocket springs added. Being a thicker mattress than most all-foam mattress, it’s more comfortable getting out of bed in the morning.

188 x 92 x 28cm
27.5 (kg)
King Single
203 x 107 x 28cm
36.3 (kg)
188 x 138 x 28cm
38 (kg)
203 x 153 x 28cm
49.8 (kg)
203 x 183 x 28cm
61 (kg)

How much does the Noa mattress cost?

We have reviewed many mattress in a box companies in Australia and found in our Noa mattress review that it is the cheapest hybrid mattress and even beating a lot of the all-foam mattress on price. We have listed the Noa mattress prices below – prices may change, and deals could change. So click the ‘Claim Now’ button to get the best discount on Noa mattresses.

Noa mattress prices
King Single
Veronica Bolanos
Noa Mattress Review
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It is sooo comfortable. It has improved my quality sleep a lot since I started using NOA. Highly recommend it and was very good value. Easy to order online and delivered in a couple of days.

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Get $350 off any Noa mattresses

Mattress bonus

  • Risk Free 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Full 15 Year Warranty
  • Delivered in a Box For Free

Is the Noa mattress right for you?

After looking at hundreds of Noa reviews on and CHOICE. And, then comparing the information against our own experience with the bed, we came up with this Noa mattress review.

And, we have concluded that the Noa mattress is one of the best mattresses on the market in Australia. The exceptionally high-quality materials are designed to work together for a better sleeping experience, which works! Plus they are OEKO TEX® and REACH certified, so they are free from any nasty chemicals.

We also love the composition of the bed. The open-cell natural latex is breathable and hypoallergenic, which connects with the gel-infused memory foam for superior pressure relief. Then, of course, the responsive pocket springs for improved airflow and lasting durability. Plus, the three-layer construction is made with eco-materials and is excellent of those warm summer nights.

The bed is a medium-firm feel (6-7/10) and offers superior motion absorption compared to a traditional mattress because of the pocket springs (no more getting woken up by your partner). If you have previously tried all-foam beds and found them too soft, then this hybrid mattress is perfect for you.

Noa home offers free shipping on your new mattress in 3-4 business days around Australia and properly quicker in metro areas like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. You also get a worry-free 100-night trial period and an impressive 15 years warranty.

Is the Noa mattress good for back pain? First, you should see a specialist if you have back problems. However, going from the reviews we found online, heaps of people said it helped with their back and spinal problems. This is down to the responsive foam and springs that give an excellent pressure relief to the back, hips, and shoulders.

Overall, we love the bed and think you will too. You get all of the perks that come with a top of the range mattress in a box, free shipping, risk-free trial, excellent warranty length, etc.

With the bonus of the incredible price! The bed is more affordable than most all-foam beds, you might be thinking they have cut corners making the bed, but this isn’t the case. Noa home is still an up and coming brand compared to Koala, and I would imagine the great offer currently on won’t last long, so take it quickly while there still on the rise…

Noa Mattress Coupon

Get $350 off any Noa mattresses

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